Guinness Record For Vijay Nirmala

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Guinness Record For Vijay Nirmala :

Guinness World Records itself sounds always amazing to all people around the earth.

Think once if you be a part of Guinness records book, if you owned your place in Guinness pages that make people proud and nation proud that is the actual preference of records in Guinness.

The nation proud moment happened with one  Indian lady who has amazing and precious skills in acting and as well as Direction, she owned her own mark in TOLLYWOOD INDUSTRY in acting and directing too

Vijay Nirmala was the only actress cum director in passed Black and White days to up to now in the south Indian film industry, Guinness Record For Vijay Nirmala

she made 42 films in her direction, Vijay Nirmala was the only Indian lady who done with a maximum number of films including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu and other languages too.

Vijay Nirmala is not only a director and actress, her husband named SUPERSTAR KRISHNA also a big named actor in Telugu and South Indian Film Industry.

Viajaya Started her direction career with the film MEENA(1971) and after the hit shot of MEENA she inspired to direct more films in multi-languages, she started acting in the debut film as child artist in the age of 11 in the movie PANDURANGA MAHATMIYAM and then she graduated into film lead actress in the movie of RANGULA RATNAM

These inspiring journey took her Guinness record.

Guinness Record For Vijay Nirmala









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