Actress Moon Ga Young’s “Ill-Fitting” Fashion Show Look Gets Harsh Reactions From Netizens


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Netizens have reacted adversely to actress Moon Ga Young‘s (also known as Mun Ka Young) latest look.

Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young is a popular actress known for appearing in projects like True Beauty and Welcome To Waikiki 2. Her popularity led to her being named a Global ambassador for Dolce & Gabbana in November 2023.

As a GBA, Moon recently modeled some of the brand’s looks from its SS24 collection, many of which resemble lingerie. The actress looked gorgeous in the looks, including the see-through set.

| Dolce & Gabbana
| Dolce & Gabbana
| Dolce & Gabbana

Recently, the actress traveled to Milan for the brand’s Milan Fashion Week event, where she wore a piece from the new collection. The look was more exposed than the previous ones she modeled, with the star participating in the underboob trend and looking gorgeous while doing so.

| Mint Magazine
| Mint Magazine
| m_kayoung/Instagram

Netizens had some strong feelings about the look, disliking Dolce & Gabbana’s more risque looks for the collection as a whole. During the show, models wore similar looks from the newest line, meaning Moon was not out of place.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Some netizens also did not like the fit of Moon’s outfit.

Famous supermodel Naomi Campell wore the same look for the brand in September 2023, and the cups of the top fit like a regular bra. Due to a difference in physique, Moon’s look turned into an “underboob” look rather than being designed that way.

Embed from Getty Images
On an online forum, netizens let their grievances out, complimenting the idol’s looks while talking down the brand and the outfit.







  • Even the model looks bad wearing it.
  • The bra is too small and the outfit is unbalanced. Even Naomi Campbell looks bad. 
  • What Campbell is wearing doesn’t look good either. 
  • Among the brand’s new line, why did they choose that one and wear it like that, unlike the fit on the model? Who is this fashion show for? Whether it’s for the brand or the actors, they’re supposed to promote each other as ambassadors, so what’s with this negative choice?
  • It’s supposed to be worn to fit the body, but people who just wear it strangely are the ones making it look weird. As for that brand, it’s known for its radical clothing, right? If you don’t want to wear it, you should reject it.
  • It doesn’t seem like it’s intentional underboob styling, it just looks like the bra got pulled up too high, which looks really uncomfortable haha. I want to pull it down.
  • Why would you wear that with an underboob, it looks so cheap………. If there’s wire in it, it seems like it would hurt like hell, if not, it would be somewhat fortunate… Keep underwear as underwear….. Your posture in the picture looks so awkward, making it even weirder. It would be better if you straightened your body properly

Actress Moon Ga Young’s “Ill-Fitting” Fashion Show Look Gets Harsh Reactions From Netizens

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