Drummer Sivamani surprises Kochi airport passengers with impromptu performance


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Passengers at Kochi Airport were pleasantly surprised when drummer Sivamani treated them to an impromptu musical performance. The incident unfolded on a Wednesday as passengers patiently awaited their luggage at the conveyor belt

After enduring a lengthy 40-minute wait with no sign of their bags, the 64-year-old musician, who happened to be a passenger on the same flight, decided to infuse some joy into the situation. Using his drumsticks, Sivamani skillfully played the beats of AR Rahman’s popular song ‘Humma Humma’ on the railings of the conveyor belt.

A fellow passenger captured this moment and shared it on a micro-blogging platform, where it quickly went viral. Sheetal Mehta, who shared the video, wrote, “It’s been 40 minutes since we landed at Kochi airport and we are still waiting for our bags to come out. Instead of getting agitated we are getting entertained by a fellow passenger,” in the caption of the post. The video has already garnered over 500k views since it was shared online.

Drummer Sivamani surprises Kochi airport passengers with impromptu performance

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