IU Pens Heartfelt Notes To Tang Wei In Two Different Languages


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K-Pop idol IU gave her fans the surprise of their lives when she revealed that the legendary Chinese actress Tang Wei would be starring in her new music video for “Shh…” The video was released on February 22, KST, and with both their powerhouse acting, quickly swept viewers off their feet.

IU (left) and Tang Wei (right) | @dlwlrma/Instagram

After the release, IU took to her Instagram, revealing a heartfelt letter from Tang Wei. In it, she wrote down her most memorable moments from the shoot with IU and how her lyrics moved her in real life. The actress also gave IU the touching compliment of reminding her of her mother’s youthful days.

Apart from the emotional content of Tang Wei’s letter, netizens were also touched to see that she penned the letter in two different languages, her native tongue, Mandarin Chinese, as well as IU’s mother tongue, Korean.

dlwlrma1 (12)
| @dlwlrma/Instagram

It turns out IU also gave her a handwritten note in response, written in both English and Korean. Tang Wei posted a picture of the card and a sweater that the singer had gifted her.

| @tangwei_mbox/Instagram
| @tangwei_mbox/Instagram

In the letter, IU wrote that it was an honor working with Tang and expressed her eternal appreciation for the actress.

| @tangwei_mbox/Instagram

Dear Tang Wei Sunbaenim,

Thank you for being a woman like an impossible riddle, who cannot be easily standardized because of its complicated beauty.

It is an honor working with you.

I picked a gift that might suit you.

I hope you stay warm and healthy.

I’ll always be fond (of) you.


Ji Eun

— IU’s letter

These two powerful, sensitive, and intelligent women being so vulnerably fond of each other is truly a beautiful sight to witness for everyone!


IU Pens Heartfelt Notes To Tang Wei In Two Different Languages

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