IVE Wonyoung’s Hair Strands Put Up For Auction Online


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Recently, a bizarre incident of IVE member Woyoung’s hair being auctioned was reported in Taiwan.

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Wonyoung | @fredjewelry/Instagram

On February 23, Yahoo Taiwan reported that a Chinese fan of Wonyoung had held a public auction for three strands of the idol’s hair on a second-hand thrifting website. The starting price of the item was CNY 9,999 Yuan (approximately USD 1407 Dollars).

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| Yahoo Taiwan

On the listing, the seller mentioned that they had collected the hair strands during an IVE concert and could provide DNA identification as proof of legitimacy.

As outlandish as it sounds, the listing actually attracted thousands of live viewers, out of which 15 were bidders. According to reports, the highest bidder was ready to pay CNY 103,000 Yuan (USD 14494 Dollars) for the three strands of hair.

download - 2024-02-25T022531.001
| Yahoo Taiwan

The auction soon became a hot topic on Chinese social media, attracting over 83 million views to the hashtag within a short period.

download - 2024-02-25T022452.359
| Yahoo Taiwan

However, the incident was heavily criticized by both media outlets and netizens. While some were simply astonished that people could spend so much money on hair strands, which could also potentially be a scam, others called it a gross infringement of Wonyoung’s personal rights.

Source: peacedoorball.blogll

IVE Wonyoung’s Hair Strands Put Up For Auction Online

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