Mohanlal’s ‘Neru’ joins 100 crore club in just 25 days


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Jeethu Joseph’s film, ‘Neru,’ starring Mohanlal, has accomplished a remarkable feat by entering the 100 crore club in just 25 days. The movie showcased in 500 theaters across India and 400 theatres internationally, has garnered widespread success.
In light of ‘Neru’s’ triumph, Antony Perumbavoor and his son, Aashish Joe Antony, have made the decision to produce the film in other languages as well.

Taking charge of nationwide distribution, Aashish is also overseeing Mohanlal’s directorial debut, ‘Barroz.’ The success of ‘Neru’ positions Aashirvad Cinemas as a significant player in regional cinema beyond Malayalam.

Released as a Christmas treat last year, ‘Neru’ emerged as a major hit and earned the distinction of being the final blockbuster of 2023 in the Malayalam industry. Produced by Antony Perumbavoor under the Aashirvad Cinemas banner, with Aashish Joe Antony as the co-producer, the film showcased Mohanlal delivering a stellar performance in the role of an advocate.

Anaswara Rajan’s portrayal in ‘Neru’ is also noteworthy, as it is considered her career-best performance in the movie. The success of ‘Neru’ not only marks a milestone for the team but also positions Aashirvad Cinemas for further regional collaborations.

Mohanlal’s ‘Neru’ joins 100 crore club in just 25 days

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