Nayanthara’s film ‘Annapoorani’ removed from Netflix post backlash. Netizens react


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Nayanthara’s latest film ‘Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food’, which landed in legal trouble for ‘hurting religious sentiments’ has been removed from Netflix, the OTT platform, which streamed the movie. The move comes after a former Shiv Sena leader Ramesh Solanki, filed a police complaint asserting that it has offended the ‘sentiments of the Hindu community.’

In the movie, Nayanthara plays Annapoorani, who aspires to be a chef and facing challenges on her journey. She is depicted as a Brahmin who eats and cooks meat. In his complaint, Solanki accused the film of being ‘anti-Hindu’ and highlighted specific scenes, including one suggesting Lord Ram as a ‘meat eater.’

In his complaint, Solanki expressed disapproval, stating, “I have filed a complaint against #AntiHinduZee and #AntiHinduNetflix.” He emphasized the timing, as the world celebrated the anticipation of the Pran Pratishtha of Bhagwan Shri Ram Mandir, juxtaposed with the release of this allegedly anti-Hindu film on Netflix, produced by Zee Studios, Naad Sstudios, and Trident Arts.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s decision to remove the Nayanthara film has sparked concern among netizens. “Netflix has removed Nayanthara’s movie from their platform. Makers also apologised to VHP for hurting sentiments. The issue was that Nayanthara played a Brahmin yet eat and cook meat and befriended a Muslim character. That’s it. India is officially a land of Fanatics now,” wrote one user on X.

Another person echoed the same thoughts: “Annapoorani being removed from Netflix is straight up shocking, like I know the state of freedom of expression is bad but it truly is pathetic how bad it is. This sets such a bad precedent for the future. If we’re removing movies that hurt groups of people *** is Animal then,” the user wrote.

Nayanthara’s film ‘Annapoorani’ removed from Netflix post backlash. Netizens react

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