Priti Sapru Walia: Deepak Kejriwal, Amit Behl claimed that police department sought Rs5 lakhs to squash my FIR against them

Priti Sapru Walia: Deepak Kejriwal, Amit Behl claimed that police department sought Rs5 lakhs to squash my FIR against them

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The CAWT chairperson claimed that the CINTAA Sr. Vice President and Gen. Secretary had proposed such a thing in a recent CINTAA Executive Committee meeting. Sapru also slammed CINTAA for a paltry pension of Rs5000, which is a pittance for a struggling veteran like Rehana Sultan.

Priti Sapru Walia

By IndiaLevel Media

Legendary Punjabi actor Priti Sapru Walia has yet again raised questions over the competency of CINTAA [Cine & TV Artistes’ Assocation] General Secretary Amit Behl and Sr. Vice President Deepak Kejriwal.

Sapru has now claimed that the duo made a bizarre request in the last CINTAA Executive Committee meeting. Sapru is the Chairman of sister concern CAWT (Cine Artist Welfare Trust), and a general member of CINTAA.

Speaking to IndiaLevel Insights, Sapru claimed, “I’m not part of CINTAA EC, but I’ve heard that in the last meeting, Deepak Qazir Kejriwal and Amit Behl stated that the police department was seeking Rs5 lakhs to close my FIR against them. This (request), however, was outrightly rejected by all other EC members.”

The Mardon Wali Baat [1988] actress emphasised that such details should be there in the minutes of the meeting.

“If you haven’t done anything wrong, why would you even entertain such corrupt demands?” asked Sapru.

She itirated that her complaint isn’t against CINTAA, but only a few members – Darshan Jariwala, Amit Behl, Deepak Qazir Kejriwal, and the Kolkata-based journalist. So, she is puzzled as to why Kejriwal and Behl sought funds from CINTAA for a personal case?

The moment she heard of the Rs5 lakh demand, Sapru approached the particular police station to verify it.

“I, along with few of my family members, visited the police.They naturally denied the story,” Sapru clarified

Investigating Officer Rajashree Shintre, too, denied the claim.

Speaking to Beyond  Bollywood, Shintre said, “Do you really think this can be true? We are still investigating the case. I think it will take us another 8-10 days to complete the findings.”

Meanwhile, Sapru again claimed that all accused have been uncooperative so far.

“From what I’ve heard, Kejriwal isn’t responding to the notices. The police will be sending a team to Kolkata to question that lady. Besides, I think they haven’t submitted their mobile phones for forensic investigation yet,” said Sapru. A claim that was backed by officer Shintre too.

1 Deepak Qazir Kejriwal 2. Amit Behl

Early this February, the Sardari [1997] actress had filed an FIR in a Mumbai police station against the quartet of Jariwala, Kolkata journalist, Deepak Kejriwal and Amit Behl. This after alleged derogatory comments made by Jariwala in his personal chat with the Kolkata lady defamed her. Sapru alleged that the Kolkata lady had shared screenshot of the defamatory Whats App chat on facebook. The veteran actor was irked by Kejriwal, Behl sharing the same on CINTAA Executive Committee Whats App group.

Behl and Kejriwal had defended their action saying that it was done merely for internal communication purpose as the seriousness of the content demanded a discussion from EC, especially with the female members.

Sapru, though, was not pleased. She says, “You say that you only shared it on the EC group. But can they guarantee that the message wasn’t shared by them or other EC members (privately)?”

The actor feels that Kejriwal has turned against her since the time she didn’t pick him, and Tinaa Ghaai for CAWT permanent trustee election. Apart from the alleged defamatory chat between Jariwala and the Kolkata lady, Sapru has also accused Kejriwal of threatening her in a meeting. 

Meanwhile, the Lawaaris [1981] actor further hit out at CINTAA for handing out meagre pension. She cited the example of veteran actress Rehana Sultan.

Rehana Sultan

“Reena Roy ji informed me about the plight of Rehana Sultan ji. She has no children. Her husband B.R. Ishara passed away in 2012. She lives alone. Is 5000 rupees pension enough to survive in Mumbai?” Sapru said in a worried tone.

Hurt by her plight, the Nimmo [1984] actress paid ten thousand rupees to Sultan from her own pocket. Sapru, however, also reminded that CINTAA had earlier raised Rs4 lakhs for Sultan’s heart treatment, wherein an Akshay Kumar had contributed Rs1 lakh. Priti’s brother Tej Sapru had donated Rs20,000,

Sapru disclosed how CAWT has no funds, but CINTAA does.  CINTAA office bearers though have rightly bemoaned the lack of adequate funds. She felt that the current mandarins at CINTAA aren’t competent enough to raise funds or manage efficiently.

Rather than raising funds, Sapru alleged that the office bearers end up incurring expenses.

“You don’t have CSR certificate,  how will corporates give you funds. You spent Rs6 lakhs on PPTs and expect corporates to issue funds on that,” chided Sapru.

Enlightening on her selfless efforts, Sapru revealed how she managed to get a 60 % discount for a full body health check up for CINTAA members at Kokilaben Hospital, Mumbai. Besides, she played an active role in bringing down water charges to 10 % for Veda Kunba, an auditorium at CINTAA Tower. CINTAA has provided the space to Kunba on a rental basis. Whilst speaking to us, she was at the office of Fire Department seeking waiver of Rs1,50,000 charge.

“My experience in social service, plus connections have enabled us to bring down costs at CINTAA. CINTAA Tower is built on Collector’s land. As a charitable trust, I wrote to the the Fire Department seeking waiver of the entire amount. If you have such benefits, why wouldn’t you avail them?” quizzed Sapru.

The seasoned actor believes that a change is required at CINTAA. She wants the right people at the helm of affairs. Will she be contesting for the upcoming EC elections on 1 May?

“No,” pat came her reply. Family commitments will not allow Sapru much time in Mumbai thus she wouldn’t be contesting the elections. Sapru, however, urged the likes of Puneet Issar, Mukesh Rishi, and Vindu Dara Singh to come forward and strive for leadership roles at CINTAA. Sapru expressed confidence in their ability, especially to reach out to stars to raise funds.

“CINTAA elections are coming. More actors should come forward to protect CINTAA, and the efforts of our veterans,” pleaded Sapru.

Priti Sapru Walia: Deepak Kejriwal, Amit Behl claimed that police department sought Rs5 lakhs to squash my FIR against them

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