Qalb: A touching narrative that explores love in seven stages | Movie review


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A young man and his father run a cafe on Dolphin Beach, Alappuzha. He hopes to land an English-speaking wife, which according to him, will help him fly off to a foreign land. However, a girl breezes into his life and changes his priorities forever.

Though it may sound like a run-of-the-mill love story, filmmaker Sajid Yahiya offers a refreshing touch to the narrative by introducing some novel situations and characters who grow on you after a while. The locale and the culture of Alappuzha also find their way into Yahiya’s movie. Instead of choosing to showcase the sprawling paddy fields of the district, the filmmaker zeroed in on the streets, historic buildings and the beautiful beaches.

If Kumbalangi Nights introduced us to the bioluminescence of Kumbalangi, in Qalb, the dolphins do the trick. But only for those who are truly in love. The movie also explores the various stages of love as per the Sufi traditions, including Dilkashi (attraction), uns (infatuation), ishq (love), akidat (trust), ibadat (worship), junoon (madness) and maut (death). The filmmaker attempts to unravel the emotions of a lover through these stages. There are highs and lows in this narrative, but the flow in storytelling balances them.

Ranjith Sajeev, who made his debut in the John Abraham film ‘Mike’ opposite Anaswara Rajan, has bettered his performance in his latest venture as a smitten lover in ‘Qalb’. Though the makers did not utilise his dance skills in this movie, he proves he can do action sequences with elan.

With a little more experience and training, Ranjith can carve a space for himself within the industry. The heroine Neha Nazneen essays the beautiful Thumbi with a certain innocence needed for her character. However, it is the fathers who steal the show. Siddique, as Dada, is endearing as Kalpo’s lovable, affable father. And just like his son, Dada too is a romantic.

Thumbi’s father, however, is exactly the opposite and makes life miserable for both his wife (Lenaa) and daughter. Under the soft demeanour, lies a devil, which has been essayed brilliantly by the debutant actor. In a movie on love, Yahiya’s efforts to shine a light on domestic violence are commendable. The perpetrator is not a drunkard or an out-of-work antagonist, but rather an influential man in society. The cinematographer Sharon Sreenivas captures Alappuzha in all its glory.

Qalb: A touching narrative that explores love in seven stages | Movie review

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