Solid ending and a surprise cameo save the case for Midhun Manuel Thomas’ ‘Abraham Ozler’ | Movie Review


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When three young men die under mysterious circumstances in nearby hospitals, leaving behind clues that cannot be ignored, a quest for truth unfolds. Director Midhun Manuel Thomas’s ‘Abraham Ozler,’ starring Jayaram in the titular role, begins as a typical murder mystery. At times, it evokes memories of ‘Garudan,’ directed by Arun Varma and written by Midhun, in terms of its style, and ‘Anjaam Paathira’ (directed by Midhun Manuel) in its premise.

After all, most serial killers are driven by the same motives – a traumatic past, revenge, or hurt. ‘Ozler,’ in that regard, struggles to avoid this well-trodden path, at least in the first half. ACP Abraham Ozler, engaged in a battle against his own demons, is tasked with finding the killer.

The initial feeling of repetitiveness affects the thrills in the first half. However, true to the expression “to end with a bang,” Midhun employs the right tactics in the second half to provide viewers with a more than satisfactory conclusion. His precision in detailing and his vision set him apart from his peers in the industry. Also, he springs a surprise with veteran actor Mammootty’s arrival in the second half. Though the ‘Ozler’ team had kept this cameo role a surprise till the end, Midhun himself spilled the beans on social media after the film’s premiere.

Mammootty’s appearance in ‘Ozler’ is definitely the best part of the movie. If Mohanlal fans went beserk over his cameo in the Rajinikanth-starrer ‘Jailer’, Mammootty fans too won’t be able to hold it together when they see the stylish actor on screen. This is one cameo that people won’t easily forget in Mollywood.

Dr Randheesh Krishnan, the screenplay writer, introduces viewers to various jargons in the medical world, however, his clinical approach to explaining surgical procedures keeps them connected to the storytelling.

Jayaram, once Mollywood’s darling, has made a solid comeback with ‘Ozler.’ Nevertheless, much like the film, Jayaram also had a jittery first half, with his emotions and voice appearing out of sync. Arjun Ashokan, Senthil Krishna, Arya Salim, Saiju Kurup, and Anaswara Rajan all excel in their roles. Talented actor Kumarakom Raghunath also makes a comeback after a while with this movie.

Theni Eswar known for his stunning aesthetic images in Lijo Jose Pellissery’s ‘Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam’, among others, creates some awe-inducing close-up visuals of the characters in ‘Ozler’. However, unlike his earlier works, Eswar does not have much scope to experiment with various camera angles in the Jayaram-starrer.

Flashbacks have become a regular feature in all of Midhun’s films, and Anaswara Rajan, who played a similar role in ‘Pranaya Vilasam,’ perfectly portrays Dr Suja’s character

Solid ending and a surprise cameo save the case for Midhun Manuel Thomas’ ‘Abraham Ozler’ | Movie Review

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