This outlandish abode in Thodupuzha is perfect design for Kerala’s tropical climate | Lifestyle Decor


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Aravindakshan’s brand-new house at Thodupuzha is a fabulous structure that exudes the elegant charm of sloped roof. The plot, which is raised from the road, was levelled before the construction began. Roads run on both sides of the house. The structure has been designed to make the entrance area face the east as per the Vastusastra.
The sloped roof in multiple layers perfectly fit the tropical climate of Kerala. As the house is designed to suit the layout of the plot, the structure don unique looks from different sides.

Besides the main gate, there is a wicket gate too. These gates open to the vast landscape with lush meadows and a beautiful garden. Meanwhile, the driveway that begins from the gate is paved with natural stones. Fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants add scintillating charm to the landscape.

The ground floor has a garage, sit-out, formal and family living areas, courtyard, dining area, kitchen with a work area, four bedrooms and bathrooms. Meanwhile, there is a library, play area and balcony on the upper floor.

Having a garage instead of a typical car porch is an interesting feature. From here, one could step into the beautiful landscape. A truss roof has been installed over the two-storey structure which is then paved with roofing tiles. Meanwhile, the lower part of the structure is adorned with gypsum ceiling, eye-catching design works and LED lights.

The interiors are designed in a semi-open style. So, the entrance door opens to vast spaces that are interconnected. The formal living area boasts of double-height ceiling. Interestingly, the wooden ceiling that is mostly seen in traditional homes has been amazingly recreated here.
There are lots of windows in order to welcome natural light and cool breeze into the house. These windows ensure that the interiors don unique ambience at different times of the day.

The walls are painted in lighter shades of hues that are pleasant to the eyes. Meanwhile, the white tiles on the floor fill the interiors with enchanting ambience. Different colours and textures have been used in the flooring to separate the areas. For instance, wooden finished tiles are paved on the floor in the family living area.

The courtyard is the most attractive spot in the house. The rooms and other spaces have been arranged around this area. The ceiling of the courtyard is secured with grille and grass. Natural sunshine from the truss ceiling enters the house through this grille. A quaint pooja space too has been arranged as part of the courtyard.

The fluted glass partitions that separate the areas add a grand elegance to the interiors. These opaque glass partitions act as proper screens that block the view while letting through light.

The octagonal dining table set is cute and compact. This amazing piece of furniture can easily accommodate up to eight people. The dining area too is highlighted with classy wooden ceiling.
The open-style pantry kitchen faces the dining area. Chairs have been arranged on the breakfast counter here. Besides, there are lots of cabinets and pull-out units in the spacious working kitchen.

The bedrooms, meanwhile, are simple yet elegant. The bath-attached bedrooms have in–built wardrobes and separate dressing spaces. The false ceiling is eye-catching while the head side walls are decorated with unique colours.

The balcony that opens to the spectacular views of the landscape is the family’s favourite spot in the house. The family says that their dream dwelling exudes a resort–like ambience which truly elevates their mood.

Project Facts
Location – Thodupuzha
Owner – Aravindakshan
Designer – Mejo Kurian
Voyage Designs
Email – [email protected]

This outlandish abode in Thodupuzha is perfect design for Kerala’s tropical climate | Lifestyle Decor

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