This serene, stylish house by the sea in Kasaragod will awe you | Lifestyle Decor


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This house, situated not far from the beach in Kasaragod’s Kanhangad, is a tranquil abode known as ‘Vrindavan,’ belonging to Rajan and Soumya. The interior design of their home has been meticulously crafted to facilitate the uninterrupted flow of refreshing sea breeze throughout the space.

The homeowners harboured a vision of creating a residence that emulated the ‘ambiance of a resort,’ and every facet of the design has been carefully tailored to achieve this. The facade exudes grandeur, featuring a GI truss roof and multi-layered, slanted tile roofing. The exterior courtyard has been adorned with natural stone elements and uses lush green grass, further enhancing the resort-like atmosphere. Pearl grass has been used for landscaping.

The house features a spacious layout that includes a sit-out, living area, dining space, kitchen, work area, a peaceful courtyard, and four bedrooms, covering a total area of 3000 sq ft. To create an elegant and refined ambiance, both the interior and exterior are adorned with soft, muted hues. The thoughtfully selected furniture harmoniously blends with the colour schemes and design motifs throughout the home.

The interiors are designed with an open concept, creating a sense of spaciousness and ensuring ample cross ventilation. A semi-partition, crafted using bamboo palms, elegantly separates the dining and living areas. Within this space, a seating area is thoughtfully arranged, with a serene Buddha image gracing the wall. Just beyond this area lies a meticulously landscaped courtyard, featuring vertical skylights and lush greenery. Throughout the house, several smaller courtyards have been designated as pockets of green tranquility. These areas are adorned with pebbles, flourishing plants, comfortable seating, and skylights, imbuing the home with a positive and inviting atmosphere.

The dining and kitchen area features a pristine white colour scheme. In the dining area, a sleek nano-white tabletop counter takes centrestage. White-tinted ‘jalis’ on the balcony windows not only contribute to the aesthetics but also allow for a gentle flow of fresh air. The external walls of the house are adorned with ample lighting, creating a night-time ambiance reminiscent of a luxurious resort.

This serene, stylish house by the sea in Kasaragod will awe you | Lifestyle Decor

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