Who The F*ck Did I Marry? — Husband Discovers Wife’s Life-Ruining Secret Through Social Media


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Recently, TikTok user ResaTessa‘s story about uncovering the truth behind her husband’s past has captivated the internet. The woman’s 50-part series proved that netizens are always interested in stories of deception.


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A man in China went through his own “Who TF Did I Marry” moment that ended up being much more than a simple deception.

In 2021, Yin Cheng was shocked to see his wife, Nana, in a wedding video on social media. Rather than appearing as one of the bridal party members, his wife was the bride getting married to another man.

| China News

Initially hoping he was mistaken, the man traveled to the city where the wedding took place to investigate. Ultimately, he contacted the man, who confirmed they had married the same woman.

Rather than a simple cheating case, a deeper plot was uncovered that resulted in the arrests of five people.

| China News

The man was introduced to his wife by a matchmaker known as Li and was asked to pay a large dowry of jewelry and cash with an estimated value of 20,800 USD. Following a short courtship, the pair were married in a not formally registered ceremony.

The bride would often leave town, during which she would participate in other scam marriage ceremonies. In total, Li, the mastermind named Dawa, and three accomplices scammed 19 men in Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia out of around $312,000 USD.

| China News

Talk about a plot twist!

Who The F*ck Did I Marry? — Husband Discovers Wife’s Life-Ruining Secret Through Social Media

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