Woman “Exposes” Celebrity Ex-Boyfriend For Breaking Up After Clicking Intimate Pictures


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On February 22, KST, an online community post created a stir among netizens where the author had accused an actor of having exploited her body and then breaking off their relationship.

Ms. A, the post’s author, claimed, “I was ghosted by actor L” in the title, explaining their grievance in detail. She claimed that she and actor “L” had known each other for six years, and the two had been in a relationship for over four years. However, he suddenly broke off the relationship with her through a single text message. Despite Ms. A’s attempt to contact him afterward, he continued to ignore her.

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The post’s concern went from ghosting to possible sexual exploitation quickly, with the author’s following claim. She said that the last time she met “L,” which was a few days before the breakup text, they had absolutely no issues in the relationship. That day, the actor allegedly clicked multiple pictures of the “important parts” of her body.

Ms. A also claimed that actor “L” has previously been insensitive to their relationship and revealed sensitive details about it on YouTube without any consideration for his partner.

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While the post quickly garnered quite the attention online, a lot of netizens criticized Ms. A for trying to stir the pot with a “trivial” incident of ghosting while keeping the actor’s name hidden, which could drag unrelated actors into this controversy through speculations. In response, Ms. A said that her intention was not to gain any clout, pointing out that she had created the ID just to vent her frustration. She also said that she suspected “L” of cheating after spotting feminine hygiene products in his bathroom.

Apart from the suspected infidelity and possible sexual exploitation, Ms. A also mentioned that this actor ex-boyfriend of hers would often badmouth his colleagues to her but refrained from disclosing more details. However, her post indicated that she might consider revealing the full details later.

Despite the response, most netizens expressed reluctance to believe her claims, asking her again to reveal the man’s name to validate her story.

| Nate
  • “If you’re not going to reveal the name, don’t post about it, please. Other celebrities might get harmed!! If you’re not confident, why even speak about it?”
  • “If you guys knew each other for six years, dated for four years, and broke up over text two years ago, why are you revealing it now?”
  • “If that’s the case, then I’ll also reveal that I was in a relationship with actor K. Don’t post about meaningless initials unless you are going to post a picture of you together without revealing the name.”
  • “Who are you?”
Source: Money Today and Naver

Woman “Exposes” Celebrity Ex-Boyfriend For Breaking Up After Clicking Intimate Pictures

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