A lavish abode in the lap of nature in Thrissur with all modern amenities | Lifestyle Decor


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 ‘Lakshmi Prabha,’ situated in Chelakkottukara, Thrissur, is a dream house owned by businessman Lal and his family. Designed to harmonize with Kerala’s tropical climate, it seamlessly integrates modern amenities, offering the best of both worlds.

The house features a graceful truss roofing design that seamlessly extends to the car porch, maintaining a uniform style throughout. A stunning main gate enhances its curb appeal, while a charming wicket gate opens to reveal a picturesque cobbled path.

Prominent terracotta jali designs adorn the walls, adding character without compromising the overall aesthetics of the house. The property boasts a lush, verdant appearance, with privacy from the road thoughtfully ensured through an abundance of carefully placed foliage. The courtyard is elegantly paved with natural stone, complemented by lush green grass. The surrounding areas are adorned with an abundance of pearl grass and various plants, creating a vibrant and organic atmosphere.

The ground floor has a sit-out, living room, dining area, courtyard, kitchen, work area, two bedrooms, and a study room. The upper floor has two bedrooms and a balcony. The house has a total area of 3816 sq ft.

The sit-out follows a long-layout format, with the main entrance seamlessly connected to the outer green courtyard. The upper sections of the sit-out walls feature generously sized windows, allowing ample natural light to illuminate the space.

The interiors are infused with vibrancy and freshness through the incorporation of natural elements like terracotta jali, cement finish, and brick cladding. The semi-open design concept creates an illusion of spaciousness, while the generously sized windows promote effective cross-ventilation.

The bedrooms feature a charming rustic finish, with cement-textured walls on the head side. At night, the warm-tone lights provide an elegant, resort-like ambiance to the house.

A lavish abode in the lap of nature in Thrissur with all modern amenities | Lifestyle Decor

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