Experts dismiss Peru’s ‘alien mummies’ as dolls made from terrestrial bones


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Lima: Scientific examinations have debunked the existence of aliens in conjunction with two figures previously touted as “alien mummies”. These figures, which appeared at a Lima airport last year, are actually constructed from a combination of human and animal bones, bound together with modern adhesives.

Flavio Estrada, an archaeologist at Peru’s Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, clarified during a press event in Lima that these items are not of extraterrestrial origin, but are rather “dolls made from animal bones from this planet.” He emphasized that the narrative of them being alien remains was entirely fabricated.

Found in a box within the Lima offices of DHL, the figures were adorned in attire resembling that of ancient Andean culture, sparking hypotheses about alien connections among certain media circles.
In a related incident, a congressional presentation in Mexico previously showcased small mummified entities with elongated skulls and tri-digit hands, with UFO proponent Jaime Maussan alleging that these were ancient relics from Peru. However, they were widely dismissed as forgeries, likely altered human mummies mixed with animal components of earthly origin.
At the press conference arranged by Peru’s culture ministry, specialists clarified that the figures discovered in the DHL office were not linked to those exhibited in Mexico, and reaffirmed neither set of remains had any extraterrestrial ties.
(With Inputs from Reuters)

Experts dismiss Peru’s ‘alien mummies’ as dolls made from terrestrial bones

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