Goibibo’s super-cool travel merch has caught our attention and here’s how you can get it for free!


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No matter whether you’re going away for the night on business or for a weeklong vacation, there are certain essentials you should always carry along. For some people, a couple of the basics could be their neck pillow, travel pouch, first aid kit, and so on. But for a travel freak (who also happens to be a choosy traveler) like me, GoIbibo’s ArmWrest, Go-Go Kit, and the Epic Hoardor are must-haves! TBH, these kits are a lifesaver, and they make every single trip so comfortable that I cannot even begin to tell!

Trust me when I say this; you will never have to wrestle for that little arm space on any of your flights! Because this ArmWrest from Goibibo is designed for middle-seat passengers to offer extra room for placing their arms comfortably and let you claim your arm space, your way. Time to end endless elbow clashes? Hell yes!


And then there’s the Go-Go Kit which is a must-have for everyone who loves to trek with as little luggage as possible. How I ever got by on the road without it until now is a mystery to me! This kit is a lifesaver that has got everything you might need, from a whistle to a hands-free lighting.  But it is mainly the portable jet wash and wipe capsules that will keep you covered, especially when there’s no washroom in sight.


Anxious about forgetting your favourite body wash or lotion at home? Not to worry though, because GoIbibo’s Epic Hoardor has your back! It’s the ideal piece of luggage for keeping your personal items neat and handy on the go. The best aspect is how little it is; you can pack it in your backpack.


Save yourself the trouble of last-minute flight hassles and keep your boarding pass, tickets, and IDs right in plain sight. This reminds me of the awesome T(ravel)- Shirt by Goibibo which is thoughtfully designed with more than two pockets so that you can keep your travel essentials within arm’s reach. Talk about a POCKET-FRIENDLY t-shirt, right?  

If you are already wishing to get exactly the same products as a present, let me break the bubble for you! Why wish for it when you can WIN it? The catch is that you can get all the ultra-cool merch by Goibibo for FREE! Here’s how you can participate in the contest.

Disclaimer: This article is a paid partnership. 

Goibibo’s super-cool travel merch has caught our attention and here’s how you can get it for free!

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