Priti Sapru Walia on the rape case against Darshan Jariwala: Why would you (victim) have an affair with a married man?

Why would you (victim) have an affair with a married man? – Beyond Bollywood

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The CAWT chairperson feels that vested interests in CINTAA are using the rape case to throw Jariwala out. Sapru also dropped a bombshell by claiming that CINTAA didn’t offer much help to the late Amandeep Sohi, but spent Rs4 lakhs on Tina Ghai’s treatment for a broken hand.

By IndiaLevel Media

Priti Sapru Walia

Last year, Cine & TV Artistes’ Association celebrated the launch of the all-new swank CINTAA Tower in Mumbai. Sometimes, all it takes is a little wind to blow down a structure. Such talk would be premature but the personal conflict involving actor Darshan Jariwala and a Kolkata-based journalist has created divide between influential personnel at CINTAA and CAWT [Cine Artistes Welfare Trust].

The Kolkata-based journalist has filed an FIR [First Information Report] in her city accusing Jariwala of rape, unnatural sex and cheating. Though a personal issue, it has dragged CINTAA Sr. Vice President Deepak Qazir Kejriwal, General Secretary Amit Behl, CAWT Chairperson Priti Sapru Walia into a mess. This after alleged leaked Whats App chats between Jariwala and the Kolkata-based scribe showed the former allegedly using disparaging words against Sapru, Kejriwal, Behl and even president Manoj Joshi. Sapru has filed a complaint against Jariwala, Kejriwal, Behl, and the Kolkata-based journalist for harming her reputation with baseless gossip.

We had reached out to Sapru Walia few days ago to no avail. The legendary Punjabi actress, who also worked a bit in Hindi cinema, called IndiaLevel Insights early this morning [22 March] to comment on the two cases, but also shed light on the alleged toxic culture in CINTAA.

Copy of complaint filed by Priti Sapru Walia.

She shared a copy of her official complaint against the quartet of Kejriwal, Jariwala, Behl and the Kolkata-based journalist.

Commenting on Jariwala’s rape case, she says, “Now this is a personal matter. What does CAWT, CINTAA have to do with it? Jariwala was an asset (both in CAWT and CINTAA). He’s well educated, a qualified Chartered Accountant. He’s done well in his roles. Here he was made to resign from his various positions, all because one unknown person made accusations against him.”

“Come on, if tomorrow some random lady labels such accusation against my brother, what would I do? I’d check with him whether this is true or not. I wouldn’t just throw him out of the house without the charge being proven. We did question Jariwala, who denied all the accusations,” said Sapru.

The seasoned actor was peeved that the journalist has needlessly dragged her, CINTAA president Manoj Joshi into her personal issue. She is of the view that this is purely a personal affair where things have gone wrong between two people. She didn’t hesitate in saying, “Today’s women are very smart. You always knew that he was married, so why have an affair with a married man?”

Darshan Jariwala

Though not legally divorced, Jariwala had separated from his actor wife Apara Mehta in 2003. The couple have a daughter.  The Kolkata based journalist has claimed that Jariwala came into her life few years ago, had intimate relations, promised her marriage, but blocked her after learning that she is pregnant. Jariwala’s lawyer Saveena Bedi Sachar had denied the allegations, and claimed that her client (age 65) is medically unfit to become a father.

Meanwhile, Sapru Walia suspects that influential members at CINTAA have used the conflict to target Jariwala. She particularly hit out against CINTAA Sr. VP Deepak Qazir Kejriwal.

“During a meeting, he has on record stated that he is in touch with this Kolkata journalist. It’s there in the minutes. Why would he do so? Is he leaking information to this woman?” wondered Sapru.

CINTAA had drawn flak for going soft on Jariwala earlier, but once the victim went public with her grave accusations, the Bad Boy [2023] actor was asked to step down from all his positions at CINTAA and CAWT.

The alleged leaked Whats App chats between Jariwala and the victim would soon invite further trouble for the disagraced actor.

After initially trusting Jariwala, Sapru would then end up filing her own complaint against him over alleged disparaging comments in his personal chat with the Kolkata lady. This episode piled pressure on Sapru with sources close to CINTAA/CAWT questioning as to why Sapru acted quickly when she was hurt, but went slow on the serious charges levied against Jariwala by the journalist.

“It hurts when your people talk rubbish about you behind your back. However, later, when I had a word about it with Jariwala, he claimed that these Whats App chats are fabricated,” Sapru explained.

The seasoned Punjabi film star will wait on the investigation into her complaint. She, however, expressed surprise that none of the accused have submitted their phones to the police. “When the police asked them for their phones, they refused saying that they want their lawyer,” Sapru said in a bewildered tone.

From the time the Jariwala-Kolkata journalist personal case has come into public domain, this has apparently led to murmurs of discord between CINTAA and CAWT office bearers.  

A source had told us that few years ago, CINTAA and CAWT had certain agreement with regards to the construction of the CINTAA New Tower.  CINTAA comes under Labour Commissioner whilst CAWT is accountable to the Charity Commissioner. The artistes’ body and the artiste welfare trust were struggling to obtain legal permissions. It was during this phase, CINTAA had approached Sapru Walia, who had the right political connections. The obstacles were cleared, but then there were murmurs of Sapru pushing her people to be included in CAWT/ CINTAA.

When asked about the alleged lobbying, Sapru disclosed, “I think the likes of Sohrab Modi, Durga Khote, Mithun Chakraborty were among the founding members. Johnny Lever played a significant role too. Today, the biggest challenges for CINTAA / CAWT are the lack of funds. The likes of Puneet Issar, Mukesh Rishi and Vindu Dara Singh have the right connections to bring in necessary funds. So, why would anyone oppose them?”

Sapru has raised doubts over the competency of the key office bearers of CINTAA, some of whom are also trustees at CAWT. This was part of the agreement between CINTAA and CAWT.

“There is this group of 5 CINTAA members who are very influential. I’ve tried to bring in funds, transparency, not for me but for the welfare of our artistes, especially the humble ones,” stated the Nimmo [1984] actress.

She then dropped a bombshell.

“Dolly and her sister Amandeep both died. Once the latter had called for help, but CINTAA could only provide her Rs1 lakh. That amount was earlier Rs50,000. What is 50k in current times? However, when Tina Ghai [Sr. Jt. Secretary, CINTAA) fractured her hand, she got insurance cover to the tune of Rs4 lakhs from CINTAA.

Sapru questioned the decision making of the CINTAA Executive Committee.

“CINTAA incurred heavy losses after this group hosted a grand show, but the turnout was very poor,” she continues, “Once Deepak Qazir Kejriwal mooted a cost of some Rs2.7 lakh for hosting an EGM [Executive Committee Meeting]. I intervened and suggested to take quotations from minimum three vendors. Eventually, I got them a vendor who only took one lakh rupees.”

The Lawaaris [1981] actor also suspects power play at work with the key office bearers afraid of losing their positions. She blamed their conduct for the resignation of respected figures like Sushant Singh, who was earlier General Secretary, CINTAA.

She says, “The kind of things, talks that happen has resulted in many members quitting. The way Deepak Kejriwal speaks… once Sudhir Pande was so upset that he wanted to beat him up. Look what happened with Sushant Singh too.”

Copy of Sushant Singh’s resignation to CAWT.

She shared copies of the resignation letters of Singh, Pande, and Deep Dhillon, respectively. All of whom have expressed their unhappiness over the toxic culture at CINTAA/CAWT.

“It’s because of this culture that top stars stay away from CINTAA,” rued Sapru.

The tales of discord in CINTAA/ CAWT are now out in the open. One surely hasn’t heard the last word on this controversy.

Priti Sapru Walia on the rape case against Darshan Jariwala: Why would you (victim) have an affair with a married man?

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