CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl comes clean on Rs4.70 lakhs spent on Tina Ghai’s medical treatment

CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl comes clean on Rs4.70 lakhs spent on Tina Ghai’s medical treatment – Beyond Bollywood

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Behl also makes it clear that the artistes’ body couldn’t do much for the late siblings, Dolly and Amandeep Sohi as their CINTAA membership had expired.

Amit Behl

By IndiaLevel Media

In an earlier article, CAWT [Cine Artistes Welfare Trust] chairperson Priti Sapru Walia had raised concerns over the competency of CINTA [Cine & TV Artistes’ Association] office bearers. She even sensed a certain bias in CINTAA covering medical costs of its members. Sapru had stated that whilst CINTAA spent Rs4 lakhs for the treatment of its Sr. Jt. Secretary Tina Ghai, who broke her hand, it didn’t do much for the late sisters Dolly and Amandeep Sohi. The former succumbed to cancer, while the latter died of jaundice.

Speaking to IndiaLevel Insights, CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl has responded to Sapru’s claims, offering clarity on a few matters.

“First of all, Priti Sapru has nothing to do with CINTAA. She is the chairperson of CAWT. I don’t know why she has commented on issues pertaining to CINTAA” said Behl.

Behl, who has been part of the CINTAA Executive Committee for nine years, clarified that all such tasks take time and are expedited in accordance with the Constitution, and needs to be approved by the Executive Committee. He stressed that usually payments are done after four months.

Talking about the medical case of Tina Ghai, Behl disclosed, “As per the Constitution, and Workmen’s Compensation Act, if any Executive Committee member is seriously hurt during a CINTAA assignment, then CINTAA will cover the medical expenses. This is not drafted by us, but it’s the law of the land.”

Behl revealed that Ghai had suffered a terrible injury during an official work last year. It was around 4 June, 2023 that a Western Australia Film Commission delegation of 25 people visited CINTAA. They wanted to see Film City, and meet its Managing Director.

Behl recalls, “It was very crowded. Ghai was very excited to meet the delegation. One doesn’t know what really happened, she fell or did some one push her down the stairs? She fell badly, and broke her hand. It was so bad that the bone popped out from her hand. Her daughter, who had accompanied her, broke down. It was a precarious situation. We had to rush her to the hospital.”

Tina Ghai

Shedding light on the expenses, Behl said, “We paid around Rs4.10 lakhs. Usually, it takes about four months to sanction such expenses as it has to be approved by the EC via a General Body. Unfortunately, her Mediclaim had expired.  She was reimbursed after six months. Her actual bills had shot up to Rs7.5 lakh.”

The Lakshya [2004] actor waxed eloquent on Ghai, who over the years had personally contributed up to Rs15-20 lakh for the welfare of CINTAA. How could CINTAA not be there during her trying times.

Dispelling any notion about bias treatment, Behl opened up on the plight of the late sisters – Dolly and Amandeep. “Unfortunately, their CINTAA membership had expired some time ago. In such cases, one has to approach CAWT. The money though is given by CINTAA after approval from the EC.”

After suspecting bias, Priti Sapru Walia later reached out to us seconding Behl’s claim. Behl felt that the tragic stories of the Sohi sisters are a reminder why artistes must have medi claims, and timely renew their CINTAA membership. CINTAA had aggressively passed this message during Covid-19 period.

Behl also dismissed Sapru’s claims of CINTAA not looking into quotations for a particular EC meeting. He says, “That again is false. We always follow standard procedure. There are three quotations. Perhaps, she is not aware of protocols.”

Behl’s comments on Sapru’s complaint against Jariwala, Deepak Qazir Kejriwal, Kolkata journalist, and him will be filed in another article.

CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl comes clean on Rs4.70 lakhs spent on Tina Ghai’s medical treatment

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