Rape victim: Priti Sapru Walia’s defamation case against me is a conspiracy to shield Darshan Jariwala from being arrested by Kolkata police

Rape victim: Priti Sapru Walia’s defamation case against me is a conspiracy to shield Darshan Jariwala from being arrested by Kolkata police

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The rape victim, and CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl are puzzled as to why the CAWT chairperson has named them in her complaint when it was only Darshan Jariwala who allegedly used disparaging words in his personal chat with the Kolkata-based journalist.

By IndiaLevel Media

Already facing the heat over the serious rape allegations against him by a Kolkata-based journalist, actor Darshan Jariwala has found himself in another mess over alleged disparaging comments against Cine & TV Artistes’ Association office bearers and Cine Artist Welfare Trust chairperson Priti Sapru Walia, who has filed a complaint at a Mumbai police station against the quartet of Jariwala, CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl, Sr. Vice President Deepak Qazir Kejriwal, and the Kolkata-based journalist.

The matter pertains to an alleged Whats App chat between Jariwala and a Kolkata journalist, whereby the former allegedly used disparaging words against Sapru, and CINTAA office bearers. Sapru got upset that the content of this chat was shared within CINTAA and CAWT communication Whats App groups, which she felt further maligned her image.

IndiaLevel Insights has reliably learnt that Sapru had filed the F.I.R on 5 February, 2024 under the following Sections of the Indian Penal Code –

354-A (sexual harassment)
501 (Printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory)
500 (defamation)
506 (Criminal intimidation)
34 (Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention).

Now Amit Behl and the Kolkata-based journalist have both raised questions over the merit of dragging them into this matter, when it was only Jariwala who allegedly used slanderous text.

Amit Behl, General Secretary, CINTAA

Speaking to IndiaLevel Insights, Behl said, “This issue involves quite a few Executive Committee members. So, how could we not discuss it within EC, especially with the female members. Here Mr. Jariwala has allegedly maligned 4-5 members of CINTAA, and Mrs. Sapru, who is chairperson CAWT. The alleged chat was just shared for internal verification between CINTAA EC and CAWT. Honestly, I really don’t see any merit in Sapru naming me as an accused in her complaint.”

Behl is stunned that how an internal matter has been spoken about so openly in the media.

“It’s unfortunate that Priti has been speaking about this in the media, even sharing resignation letters of the likes of Sushant Singh, and others. This has never happened in my 9 years as member of CINTAA Executive Committee. You don’t wash dirty linen in public. Nevertheless, my conscience is clean. I haven’t committed anything. The onus is on Mr. Jariwala to prove that these chats are fabricated. If he does so, then we have no qualms in reinstating him,” said the CINTA General Secretary.

Meanwhile, the Kolkata-based journalist, too, is shocked by Sapru naming her as an accused.

She was of the view that this complaint is purely a conspiracy to shield Jariwala.

“If a resident of a state has a case undergoing against him, the police may refuse to hand him over to another state police in a separate case till investigation of the earlier is over. This is a conspiracy to shield Darshan Jariwala, so that he can evade arrest by Kolkata Police in my rape case,” the victim told IndiaLevel Insights.

The Kolkata journalist revealed that she shared the chat details in January with Deepak Qazir Kejriwal privately on Whats App as CINTAA needed it for its own internal investigation. The victim questioned why Sapru didn’t file any complaint then?

“That is not a crime as I am one of the parties in the conversation, and seeking justice as the victim and making people aware of the crime against me, which I have the right to as a citizen of India. Also, it was not a single chat that was sent. But among the whole bunch of conversations between me and Darshan, why this particular one was picked up and made an issue is now clear. Also, it was Darshan who (allegedly) slandered the lady. Why am I being targeted?” the victim questioned.

The rape victim also claimed that the Mumbai police has been pressurizing her to send her medical reports, which have nothing to do with Sapru’s case. The journalist suspects whether all this is being done to gain access to her evidence and is it being passed on to Jariwala?

Darshan Jariwala

The aggrieved journalist has submitted the chats and other evidence in her rape case against Jariwala to the Kolkata police. All material is part of the seizure list and submitted to a Kolkata court. The victim iterated that any evidence will not be added to the seizure list without the police authenticating it.

The woman is surprised by Sapru’s action as she has nothing against her.

She says, “I have nothing against Priti Sapru Walia. I don’t even know her. Still if she has been pained by me in any way, I apologize to her.”

She, however, reminded Sapru that she, too, was hurt by the latter’s detrimental statement in an article for which she may file a defamation suit against the CAWT chairperson.

“I object to her victim shaming me, that I had a relationship with Darshan despite knowing he is married. He is separated from Apara Mehta since Aug 11, 2003. I am sure Mrs. Sapru is aware Section 10(2) of Hindu Marriage Act mentions that if a decree under Section 10(1) is passed, it is no longer obligatory for the parties to reside together. Which means, Darshan is no longer considered a married man socially till the court, by the application of petition or by either of the parties and being satisfied by the application rescinds their decree,” explained the journalist.

The woman is also upset with Sapru for revealing the name and details of a rape victim. Plus, she alleged harassment by the police officer in Mumbai; for which “both of them can be prosecuted under appropriate sections of the IPC,” she added.

She, however, stressed that her fight is purely against Jariwala.

The Kolkata woman is baffled by Sapru taking Jariwala’s words, but not acknowledging the evidences against him.

Questioning Sapru’s actions, the woman said, “I find it surprising how Priti Sapru Walia, being a woman of integrity, can believe mere spoken words of Darshan over so many evidences that I had provided.” She continues, “It is only evident that a rapist or any criminal will never confess his crime. Has Darshan been able to provide any proof of his innocence so far? If she trusts Darshan so much, why didn’t she withdraw her FIR after Darshan claimed his innocence to her? In fact, why would she file the FIR in the first place without having a talk with him.”

Whilst defending Jariwala, Sapru had told IndiaLevel Insights earlier that one cannot just remove an individual from office without the charges being proven.

The Kolkata woman sensed a certain hypocrisy here.

Lamenting Sapru over it, the Kolkata woman said, “Priti had said that if such charges were brought against her brother, she would first ask him instead of throwing him out of the house. She would wait for the charges to be proven. So why this hypocrisy? Darshan slandering her in a private chat led her to file an immediate FIR seeking justice for herself.”

Priti Sapru

In her final words, the rape victim made sincere appeal to Sapru in saying, “Think about me, Mrs. Sapru, Darshan raped me over a period of almost two years, not just on false promise of social and legal marriage, but even literally, multiple times. Do you realize the disgust, trauma and pain I am undergoing? So, don’t I have the right to seek justice for myself?”

We reached out to Sapru but she currently chose to seal her lips as the matter is sub-judice.

Sapru, however, sent this text, “Let police finish their investigation. That lady has to be brought to Mumbai. The phone chats of all the accused have to be investigated. After the F.I.R investigation, I will file a defamation case against the culprits.”

Rape victim: Priti Sapru Walia’s defamation case against me is a conspiracy to shield Darshan Jariwala from being arrested by Kolkata police

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